Salesforce Summer’ 18 Release – Updates in Lightning Experience

In recent years, Salesforce has devoted a lot of attention to improving the user experience while using the Salesforce system. This was helped by the modern user interface, Lightning Experience, which was introduced a few years ago. We can also expect many updates this year which will increase our satisfaction from the Salesforce platform even more.

We would like to present the most important news in Lightning Experience, introduced in the latest update of the Salesforce Summer ‘18 Release.


1. Simplify list views thanks to new, detailed filters


The function, which has only been available in Salesforce Classic, has been available in Lightning Experience for some time. Now, users can take advantage of the new, specific filters, to be able to better manage records and view only those, which they are interested in. There are also filters such as:

  • Accounts by territory
  • Accounts, cases, and opportunities by teams
  • Contacts by campaign
  • Leads by queue and campaign
  • Opportunities by territory
  • Custom objects by queue


Lightning Experience


2. Manage more tasks simultaneously thanks to new list views


Thanks to the new list view for tasks, users can sort and select their most important tasks much easier. The biggest change is the addition of the split view, which allows you to view both the list of tasks as well as the currently selected task in one window.


Lightning Experience


Also new to the system is the kanban view. This allows the user to view grouped tasks according to their status (eg. tasks in progress or tasks completed). Those who have used Trello will find it easy to use.


Lightning Experience


3. Observe user activities thanks to the Lightning Usage application


The Lightning Usage application allows for the tracking of user activity, thanks to graphics and charts showing daily and monthly statistics of active users, as well as their migration level from the old Salesforce Classic system to Lightning Experience.


Lightning Experience


4. Increase email effectiveness by using HTML in email templates


From now, users have the possibility to create templates which will be much more suited to specific recipients, thanks to the styling and addition of attributes directly into the messages.


Lightning Experience


5. Direct links on the dashboard


Looking at statistics on the dashboard, you can now instantly move to the records which you are interested in or to a specific website. All you need to do is click on the link that appears next to the dashboard, as shown in the picture below:


Lightning Experience


6. Better report management in Lightning Experience


Thanks to the newest update, there is now the option to create subfolders, allowing for better cataloging of reports for individual users. All you need to do is create a few subfolders for specific groups of users – thanks to this, no one will get lost looking for a report.


Lightning Experience


7. Improving Salesforce Einstein – new possibility of predicting sales


The better and more accurate algorithms used by Salesforce Einstein allow for better estimates on future sales processes, all thanks to the analysis of historical data. In Lightning Experience, graphics and charts are available which show Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and predictions regarding sales, which are updated a few times per day.


Lightning Experience


8. Higher productivity with Inbox Beta for Outlook (Beta)


Inbox Beta for Outlook contains the best solutions from the Lightning for Outlook and Salesforce Inbox plugins. Factors which will increase user productivity will be:

  • Suggestions regarding facilities within our Salesforce system
  • Tracking emails and receiving notifications from those who opened them
  • Planning emails with a later sending date
  • Adding availability slots from the calendar


Lightning Experience


Salesforce has once again not disappointed, introducing new possibilities which would help its users manage multiple complex processes. All changes described above concern the Salesforce systems: Group, Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited i Developer Edition.